Room air disinfection with UV technology to reliably sterilize areas with pedestrian traffic. No chemical additives or residues.

The UVC Purifier is the solution for a permanently installed room air disinfection with UV technology, which can also be used in many places during normal operation. Whether in the hospital, in corridors, in hotel rooms, in the meeting room or in the office. The 4Bay UVC Purifier can be installed via and can also be used when there are people in the room. In this way, you can ensure around the clock that germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi have no chance and that everyone is in a safe environment thanks to the constant disinfection.

In many areas you can save money with the UVC Purifier, because the disinfected environment ensures that the infection rate is reduced and thus illness-related staff absences are significantly reduced. Thus, the performance is not drawn into passion and thus the productivity of the employees is promoted.

A big plus of the UVC Purifier is that no additional agents such as disinfectants or additional work are required for operation. Once connected, the air purifier does its job all by itself. Chemical residues are also not created, which further increases the safety of the sterilization.

The UVC Purifier is available in different versions so that you can find the right version for every requirement. We would be happy to send you information on the various versions.

The UVC purifier for room air disinfection is available in different versions. We are currently advising you.

The key data on room air disinfection using UVC purifiers

  • Air circulation system
  • Room air disinfection with UV technology
  • Available as UV LED or UV tube
  • Lamp included
  • Material: aluminum and PMMA
  • Colors: white or black
  • Ideal temperature from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius

UVC Purifier and give you all the details about the delivery quantities and other things. You can easily reach us using the contact form.

With the UVC Purifier you get a powerful and reliable system for room air disinfection.

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The care4blue hygiene concept

You can also use the other components of the care4blue hygiene concept to create a safe and healthy environment for your customers, guests, employees and of course for yourself. From gastronomy to public facilities or for events, we offer you a suitable complete solution.

The care4blue hygiene concept