With the poxidation technology, care4blue offers you the ideal solution for the disinfection of streams of visitors, luggage and goods, in order to make a safe start into the future and to protect your customers or visitors as well as you.

Poxidation transit cabin

Poxidation Desinfektionstunnel, disinfection tunnel

The disinfection transit cabin with poxidation technology, manufactured in Germany and technologically patented, is the ideal and clean disinfection solution for public facilities with high visitor numbers. The disinfection tunnel decontaminates the visitors from germs, viruses and spores and was developed in close collaboration with researchers and scientists to ensure a safe flow of visitors.

The use of alcoholic or chlorine-containing disinfectants is completely avoided in order to guarantee your visitors safe and harmless access to your facility. The poxidation disinfection transit cabin is available in a 3 meter long basic version, but can also be supplied in shorter or wider versions, such as wheelchair-accessible. Ask us about the possibilities.

The 4 steps of the poxidation disinfection transit cabin to contain viruses, spores and germs:

  1. Cabin entrance:

Your visitor enters the cabin using the attached handrails. On the one hand, these serve as an orientation aid in the disinfection tunnel, on the other hand, the hands are disinfected at the same time in the course of the tunnel.

  1. Action process:

The visitor is exposed to a special, antiseptic mist, whereby the antiseptic is adsorbed on its surface. This means that when it comes into contact, it binds to the surface.

  1. Decontamination process:

Working with a special UV light activates an intensified process that kills the viruses, germs and spores on the surface.

  1. Closing process:

The handrail ends on the other side of the poxidation disinfection transit cabin. By reaching the end of the handrail, the visitor knows that the process is complete.

The time window for disinfection is very short at around 4 seconds. Because of this short time, the antiseptic and irradiation process is absolutely harmless to the visitor.

The possible uses of the poxidation disinfection tunnel:

The application possibilities of the transit cabin are practically unlimited. It is suitable for public buildings, public events, shopping malls, concert halls, administrative buildings, airports, train and bus stations, medical facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, sport events and any other place where people come together.

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Poxidation Package ist die ideale Lösung, um Waren zu desinfizieren, kommt ohne Alkohol oder Chlor aus.

Care4blue also offers you a suitable disinfection solution for goods and luggage, in order to rid them of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Here, too, the patented poxidation process comes into play, which can be divided into four sections.

  1. Inlet

The piece of luggage or the goods are placed on the conveyor belt and run automatically through the poxidation package system.

  1. Disinfection mist

The piece of luggage or the goods are sprayed with the antiseptic mist, which adsorbs on contact with the surface.

  1. Irradiation

In the next section, the piece of luggage or the goods are irradiated by the special UV light, which leads to a lasting reaction and kills viruses, germs and spores.

  1. Withdrawal

At the end of the conveyor belt, items of luggage or goods can be removed. It is now disinfected!

The entire process only takes a few seconds, so time management is hardly affected by the disinfection.

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Poxidation Box Solution

Poxidation Box ermöglicht es, Kleinteile ohne den Einsatz von Chlor oder Alkohol zu desinfizieren.

Thanks to the Poxidation Box Solution System, the type of disinfection described above can also be carried out on small parts. The decontamination also works on metal and other surfaces, even with paper and paper money. The maximum size of the small parts is 300 x 100 mm (width x height).

This system also works with the help of a conveyor belt, whereby the small parts for disinfection are placed one after the other in the baskets supplied. Here, too, the conveyor belt runs through the stations for spraying with the disinfectant and exposure to special UV light. At the end of the process, the disinfected small parts can be removed.

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