Corona antibody test for quick detection. whether antibodies against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are present.

The antibody test from eDiagnosis is a rapid corona test for checking those who have recovered. Due to the growing importance of the 2G and 3G strategy, the rapid antibody test helps to quickly identify the antibodies of those who have recovered and to ensure that the person in question is really someone who has already suffered from corona. The results of this test procedure are already available after 15 minutes. Due to the short time, the antibody test is an important as well as sensible and safe building block for your hygiene concept.

The rapid antibody test from eDiagnosis offers a detection reliability of 98.84%, whereby the sensitivity (sensitivity) is 97.12%, the specificity even reaches an impressive 99.39%. The handling of antibody tests is very simple and is suitable for use in all places where hygiene concepts are required. Regardless of whether at work, in shops, in public facilities, in restaurants or at events: the eDiagnosis test kit can be used anywhere and brings everything that is needed.

Since either a blood sample, serum, or plasma is required to use the test, the antibody test is only suitable for facilities that have healthcare professionals available.

The data of the antibody test at a glance

  • Pack sizes: 1 test kit, 5 test kits, 10 test kits, 20 test kits or 40 test kits
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage temperature: 2 – 30 degrees Celsius
  • Detection reliability: 98.84%
  • Sensitivity: 97.12%
  • Specificity: 99.39%

Price: from 1,90 € 

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