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Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, air purification has been more important than ever before. Air purifiers are particularly important in places where many people come together. They remove allergens, germs, bacteria and viruses from the air. UVC air purifiers are the most effective variant, because an air purification device of this class is extremely effective. care4blue offers you room air purifiers in various sizes and strengths for air purification, so that your hygiene concept meets the highest demands.

The UVC air purifiers are used in cars, in the office, at school and in many other areas. They remove 99.9% of all germs, viruses and bacteria from the air. Ensure a safe environment for your customers, your employees and yourself.

Why air cleaning is so important

Air purifiers have not only been very widespread since the corona pandemic. Allergy sufferers use them to filter allergens from the air. On top of that, an air purification device helps to reduce mold in rooms and to get harmful germs out of the air. The effectiveness of the UVC air purifier against viruses is another plus. In companies, for example, air cleaning with these systems not only ensures more productivity through better air. The sick leave is also significantly reduced, as the viruses cannot spread indefinitely.

How does a UVC air purifier work?

The mode of action of the UVC air purifier is similar to that of conventional devices. The room air is sucked into the air purification device, cleaned there and blown out again. The air is released in such a way that there is no major turbulence.

The air is cleaned with the help of UVC radiation. This would normally be harmful to humans or animals. However, the UVC air purifier is a closed system in which no radiation can escape. Thus, these room air purifiers are completely harmless.

Is the air purifier really safe? 

Yes. Both the mode of operation and the safety have been tested by independent laboratories as well as by TÜV Rheinland. The air purifiers bear the „Made in Germany“ seal, the CE seal and we are happy to provide you with the relevant documents.

Our products

The iCovir mobile is a practical helper for air purification in the car or at the desk.

iCovir mobile – air purification on the go

With the iCovir mobile you get a practical and effective UVC air purifier. It can be used both in the car and at your workstation in the office and can be conveniently charged via a USB port. The small power pack is able to clean all the air in a car in just 20 minutes, for example. At work, he ensures that the direct environment is filtered at your workplace.

During the cleaning process, the air is not only disinfected with UVC radiation, but also with the even stronger UVA radiation. In addition, she goes through a 3 HEPA 13 process stages. This is followed by another UV light irradiation before the air cleaning is completed. The clean air then leaves the air purification device through the head of the device.

The iCovir is simply the ideal mobile solution for air purification.

We would be happy to talk with you about the possibilities.

With the iCovir + you get a room air purifier for rooms up to 30 m².

iCovir + – indoor air purification for small rooms

With the iCovir + there is the UVC air purifier, you have the ideal solution for rooms up to 30 m². The room air purifier manages to clean the air here when it is frequented by up to 8 people. The iCovir + works just like the smaller version and thus ensures a safe environment.

The iCovir + is suitable for continuous use in your own home, in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms, in restaurants, hotel rooms and in many other places. Like all products in the product family, the air purification device is CE-tested and bears the “Made in Germany” seal.

The iCovir max is the ideal UVC air purifier for rooms with an area of up to 60 m².

iCovir max – UVC air purifier on 60 m²

The largest representative of the iCovir series is the iCovir max.The UVC cleaner has a sensor for measuring the indoor air quality and, like all other models, manages to eliminate 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and germs. On the top three it has a remote control and a timer.

During air purification, the noise level is only 28 – 39 db. The air purifier weighs 6.5 kilos and measures 68x35x26 cm. It is designed for a room size of up to 60 m² and manages to clean 300 m² of room air per hour.

The iCovir max is an ideal solution for classrooms, conference rooms, fitness studios, hotels, restaurants and other places where up to 20 people come together.

The Virobuster is the ideal air purification device for office buildings, hospitals and many other places where air purification is needed on a large scale.

Virobuster – room air purifier on a large scale

With the Virobuster you get a real power pack for air purification. This UVC air purifier is available as a free-standing device as well as for mounting on walls. The room air purifier is our solution for office buildings, public buildings, schools, care facilities, low-energy houses and many other places where air purification is needed on a large scale.

The Virobuster family is even suitable for use in laboratories, hospitals, on cruise ships, in the food industry or in public transport.

By improving the air quality, not only germs, viruses and bacteria are declared war. At the same time, this system ensures better well-being, actively fights against mold and allergens and thus ensures a lower sick leave and higher productivity.

We would be happy to provide you with further information about air purification with a UVC air purifier. Send us your questions using our contact form. We will get in contact with you soon.

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